Berwick Music Series (BMS) is organised by Berwick-upon-Tweed Educational Association, in association with artistic director, Prof. Michael Worboys.

The aim of BMS is to celebrate classical and contemporary music played by small ensembles, such as string quartets. BMS features established and recent music played by nationally and internationally known performers. There is also the opportunity to showcase work by composers from the North East.

BMS is planned initially over three years 2019-2021, with three or four lunchtime concerts spanning dates between August and November of each year.

The venue for the series is Berwick Watchtower Gallery, 79 West End, Tweedmouth, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 2HE.

Each concert will be augmented by a two-hour educational session, where the details and context of the music to be performed will be discussed.  These sessions are aimed at an adult audience, but there is also the aim to involve high school students. In Year 1, this will be done by providing a block of free tickets for schools, but in Years 2 and 3, we hope to provide specific masterclasses aimed at music students at Berwick Academy.

We plan to apply for funding from the Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants Scheme, the Community Foundation, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and other patrons and funding agencies.

In Year 1, we are planning a research workshop entitled “Sound in Space – Space in Sound”, linked to the visit of the Canadian Bozzini Quartet, who, as well as performing as a string quartet at a lunchtime concert, will lead a larger-scale performance of In A Large Open Space (Tenney) with local amateur and professional instrumentalists.