Sunday 23 October in association with the Radio Rooms

6 pm at the Radio Rooms: Community Performance with the Berwick Chanters.

This Community Chant event offers everyone the opportunity to get involved in chanting, an activity with proven health benefits, and it’s also great fun! Mike Worboys is writing a piece for us that can be performed by complete beginners, so come along and try it out!

We held a Chant workshop during last year’s Berwick Music Series, and the attendees of that workshop went on to form the nucleus of a group called the Berwick Chanters. They performed at Durham Cathedral as part of the premiere of a work called Presence/Absence. and  the Chanters will chant along to a video recording of that event. We would like to make the Berwick Chanters a permanent feature of the Berwick music scene, so if you might be interested, come along and see for yourself, and even join in!